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The Majority of people in the US at this point spend time on social media every single day, but you probably already knew that, I bet you can count the number of people you know on one hand that completely abstain from engaging on social media.

Why do you need a social media presence and how will it benefit your business?

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Increase Brand Awareness

The power of leveraging social media is vast in terms of increasing your brand awareness. Using strategic posts and targeted advertising you can easily start to scale your brand with the right people.

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Custom Target the Right People

Do you have a good idea of who your customer base is? If so then social media (especially Facebook) is great! The targeting options are almost endless.

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Improve Client/Customer Retention

Keeping your brand fresh in your customer’s minds is very important, this increases customer loyalty, and can help to get more customers/followers if your current followers find your content share worthy.

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Increase Traffic & Conversions

The bottom line is social media much like any other online advertising is a means to an end to getting more people to visit your site. The more that visit your site and trust your brand the most your business will grow. Its that simple.

If you're a business owner

and have thus far neglected using social media for your business it very well comes down to one of two reasons. Either until this point you didn’t believe it is a worthwhile avenue to promote your brand/company; or you just don’t have the time yourself to manage it.

We’ve seen a lot of business owners try to manage it all themselves, the ones that typically do this are the business owners who have a lot of extra time on their hands. Usually we see this with new business owners that don’t have much revenue to invest in marketing/advertising and instead use their time.

All Our Packages Include

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Content Strategy

This involves creating new posts, stories, graphics and videos that are all part of a comprehensive content strategy to increase your following and keep them engaged.

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Engaging with people on social media is HUGE and very NEEDED. It helps not only bring in more customers/clients but it also acts as a customer service outlet. People will be commenting and direct messaging you based on the content created, and engaging with them is key to social media success.

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Managing/Creating Ads

Social media sites offer some amazing ways to narrow down and target your audience with advertising. But the platform is very comprehensive and takes time to understand. We have a highly talented in-house design team that creates beautiful ads and can ensure they are being run properly to convert.

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Influencer Marketing

One way to really boost your social media presence in a quick manner is to get influencers to promote you. We help with reaching out and hiring influencers that could have a positive effect in your market (package dependent).

We Encourage

Anyone reading this who has an interest in expanding their social media presence to give us a call. We offer a free consultation and evaluation of both your website and social media accounts to see what would be best for you. We offer multiple packages based on what your needs are as a business owner.

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