Is she intentionally retired or blackballed? Baitz wasattached to showrun that series and even got a 10-episode order from FX. Ryan claims she was asked, but was busy, and made a big deal of stating that EVERYONE was asked to be part of 100/New Directions so that he wouldn't get hate from Dianna's fans this time. Love Child, delivered during Christmas, by a trans character playing Mary, giving birth to a black baby Jesus in a sequin diaper, Lion King-style, in staging deliberately meant to provoke the outspoken Christian in the room. I am from the ghetto and currently living the posh life with my boyfriend. Watts plays Maria in the show oppositeBobby Cannavale. It's one of those shows that has been tainted with the scandals, deaths, and diminishing quality of each season. So, they split the plots on Glee, which was already going to shit because it went from ensemble to The Rachel Show. [quote]Season two I liked Blake and Michael's bromance, was hot to imagine Blake fucking that cute twink. I'm shocked the cast hasn't already begged for a movie or some sort of limited series revival especially considering their career trajectories. Didn't think they hired any 18 or 19 year olds for the parts on Glee except possibly Chris Colfer. How did Lea and Melissa get along? The Price of Glee debuted on Monday, pulling back the curtain on Glee 's dark behind-the-scenes drama, including the sudden deaths of stars Cory Monteith , Naya Rivera and Mark Salling. Everything paid for. I may check it out. Did she marry the mumford mandolin money? Ali Stroker later came out as bisexual and was in relationship with Dani Shay who did America's Got Talent prior to The Glee Project. And I thought Samuel (dreads) was boring on the reality show r332, was shocked he won and was not surprised he bombed. Are she and Lea close? Les New Directions, qui passent in-extremis aux slections rgionales, dcident de crer un calendrier sexy afin d'amasser des fonds pour le voyage, mais cette ide n'emballe pas tout le monde. The Glee member with even the remotest possibility of posting on online forums (gay or otherwise) would be Kevin McHale, and even he has better things to do. Didn't Dianna Agron date Alex Pettywhater, the UK actor? pointers what to do in the video they were filming. Lea Michelle has talent, some charisma, but very little star quality. It was well-crafted and enjoyable. Also, they stuck Matthew with the stupidest plot lines. She was hired literally the night before the pilot was to start shooting because they had no one else. It was Fox's guy who told Murphy he needs a villain. This could be one of the reasons why they fell off. Re Noel Coward, the idea of him playing that role was a joke. In the second installment of Ryan Murphy 's FEUD: Bette and Joan, his third TV franchise following American Crime Story and American Horror Story, he makes a devastating point about the work. Dianna's net worth is said to be about $4.5 million. Rotten Tomatoes ratings for "Glee". They always tried to claim any celeb who had a hint of Spanish blood. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. R1: Their beef wasn't as bad as Lea and Naya but there was no chemistry there and you could just tell that they weren't cordial behind the scenes. Agron dated a lot of people, including Sebastian Stan. Just recently it was announced he sold the rights to 21 C. Fox and is set to write and direct a movie based on the first book. But it keeps me off the streets, er, out of the Aaron Rodgers threads, so I count it as a plus. Season two I liked Blake and Michael's bromance, was hot to imagine Blake fucking that cute twink. As an aside, for all of the show's problems, I always though Zach Woodlee's choreography was terrific. Ryan Murphy was totally that annoying theatre queen in high school. I think that's when they abandoned the satire and went full on teen musical show. As R498 - who's all over this thread - amply demonstrates. I don't blame neither, since Hollywood asks for such shady drama from the players. I remember the blind guy Mario and the fat chick Lily were bigger assholes. "Nip/Tuck" suffered in its sophomore year then towards the end he moved on to "Glee" and took some of the creatives and most of the behind the scenes people leaving the cast feeling abandoned. It gave them no time to do the show. When they started changing character motivations/histories on a whim TO FIT A SONG then I knew I couldn't keep watching. The chunky dude, I mean. Whose cock did you have to suck for that, Van Sant's, DLB's or Whoopi Goldberg's? Is this thing on? "A big GLEE goal this year: a. Once it became apparent that the show was more overt about pushing iTunes sales than anything else, we bailed. It was an amusing show for season 1 when it was essentially a musical version of Election and then it went downhill fast. They do also not hold back much on some of the stuff they disliked or thought was dumb/too absurd/etc. Notice the EPIC drop off after Seasons 1 and Seasons 2. He was very cute. Performing was usually relegated to just the choir room and glee competitions. Yeah, Cory embodied the boy-next-door, corn-fed, all-American jock (despite his being Canadian). You forgot in the beginning she was a "born again Christian, member of the virgin club." I sure do, and they can do much better with that song. Its good to sort of expand and continue the evolution of these people. They were involved in the process for 3 to 4 months to the point where we were even talking about cities and relocations and we called Juilliard and what would that mean and how would we do it. I only watched "Glee" for Mike O'Malley & Jane Lynch. After the fight, he wrote Naya Rivera's character off the show for the rest of the season, but yeah, put them blame on "our culture.". And when something went wrong he was pissed that he had to personally get involved again. Warning: This post discusses some plot points involving the character of Kurt. She's an okay dancer, but Heather Morris and Diana were better. (Although if Swagron was back on at that time, it was pretty shitty of Dianna not to tell Taylor that she'd filmed the Quinntana hookup scenes. Well, every celebrity has some tards who are psychos and overly invested. I think money wise Chris Colfer made bank with his children books. After turning him down for the role of Artie, Murphy decided to create, When we started auditioning, I thought it was kind of ridiculous, that were doing a musical about kids and expression and we dont have the gay, point of view. What a shame. R259 the mental gymnastics some DLers put themselves through in order to make a celeb gay, or at least bi. r334, my apologies. 32 Emmy Awards (6 ), 11 . Like Popular before it, when Glee left dark comedy to educate middle America on how it should view the world, it inevitably failed. Suck it Lea! R428 One of the main bosses, I don't think it was Murphy, said that one of their biggest mistakes was placing Kevin in a wheelchair because of how amazing a dancer he was. [quote]Speaking of climbers, Naya Rivera has a terrible mean streak, but you really have to earn it. I thought Agron was a lesbian? "I went in and read, and they called me back two days later, and he told me to come back and straighten my hair, and wear something sexy," she said. "I don't think that means what you think it means" - Inigo Montoya. Does anyone remember some of the casting rumors around the time Glee became a big hit? R365 technically?? Murphy and two of his show's stars - Glee' s Chris Colfer and The New Normal 's Bebe Wood toured the showhouse together, along with Fong, who designed a long, dark, winding passage in the. R500: Murphy initially said that Cory, Chris, Lea would be graduating and leaving the show. Yeah Blake Jenner was the only winner of the three who was successful on the show, he actually could act well by Glee standards (and that body!). She ignored him and looked down the floor avoiding eye contact. Agron is also bisexual and her PR team was always working to cover it up. I could not suspend disbelief. Diana Agron got it worse, however. [quote]Does anyone know if Cory worked as a bus boy at an inn on Victoria circa '95-96? Murphy got mad at him, I think it was because Mark released his album without Miss Murphy's blessing, and so Murphy stuck him with the fat, ugly girl as a love interest. Matt Donnelly | April 4, 2017 @ 3:31 PM. I think the bi rumors about Agron were true. Conceived as an anthology series, Feud ' s first season, Bette and Joan, chronicles (over eight episodes) the well-documented rivalry between Hollywood actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during and after the production of their psychological horror . There was a joke/real rumor that Ryan Murphy was going to send Kurt to Russia. This was done primarily to gauge potential ability to participate in future musical numbers. May 27, 1990) was 18 when he was cast and filmed the pilot. Nous, Yahoo, faisons partie de la famille de marques Yahoo. There was a BI that Lea Michele and Colfer wanted to get Criss fired, which item had the fingerprints of Criss fangurls all over it. [quote] I'll have you know I am a featured star of ABC's fabulous new miniseries, "When We Rise," [R11]! Madonna patterned herself as Marilyn Monroe for one song, then moved on. Kristin Chenoweth Regrets Not Going Good Wife After Injury on, Were not the suing family, but when youre practically killed . They are really into policing language, as everyone knows. Back when they fired all the new kids from season four (Melissa Benoist, Blake Jenner, Jacob Artist, and Becca Tobin), it leaked out that Lea had demanded they get rid of them because Mellissa's character was stealing Lea's thunder. The reality. Supposedly once some the "Klaine" fans found out and they went crazy and then they decided to drop the break up story it all together. The 'Drag Race' contestant dishes on her love for 'Star Wars,' 'Terminator,' and if she believes in aliens. And you never hear about him getting in any trouble. And I know for a fact that they [Lea and Naya] admired each other's work, cause I directed them both in scenes. It was supposed to remain focused on the Glee club, which Finn would eventually take over and run in the end. tv. His film projects have gone nowhere: the Noel Coward film, the Indigo tv series, The Land of Stories film adaptation. But i could die from boredom. I'm sure anyone knows a few guys with guitars like that. Terms of Service apply. I got the impression that they managed to tolerate each other, but that's it. Testing 1-2-3? Ryan Murphy, a gay man, came up with Glee, and wasn't going to have a gay kid as a character? He was extremely arrogant and overrated. [quote]Ryan did NOT want Diana. I wanna know what happened between Colfer & Murphy. And did Glee do a Les Mis episode? Of all people to bring on board and they pick that irish guy and dread head. I was rooting for her. He is the mastermind behind FOX's Glee, 9-1-1, and Scream Queens, and has produced a number of series for FX,. All this was fed by competing fan cliques. Lea Michelle was SO annoying and was a lead character. The clothes (today on. Jenna Uskhowitz was in Spring Awakenings with them. R272 This may or may not be 2:30 of Corey Monteith fucking a guy with his uncut, Prince Alberted cock. She skipped around a lot on the last two seasons during a recent rewatch. R178 Too soon after Cory's death, I guess. This could only lead to disappointment. Adam Shankman directed one of the worst episodes in the show's history, but it wasn't just because he has mediocre directorial skills. That actress backed out at the last minute. That may be R104 however, those aren't major things. He even had smiling eyes. David Fricke Isnt Weekend Update Material, The reference is lost on most people, James Austin Johnson explained.