Website Development

In an era when many teenagers build their own web pages, the need for professional web design is as great or greater than ever. What sets a truly great website apart is the design details. It begins with an clean layout that allows easy eye movement, and uses inviting colors, contrasts and design elements that help the user find what they are looking for fast and easy. Thoughtful page architecture promotes clean navigation, but equally important is the skilled "back end" coding that yields maximum functionality, and please users with a display that remains attractive on every platform from mobile devices to tablets and desktops.

The team at iGreen Marketing are conversant with a wide range of web platforms, and are not locked into the limitations of a single programming paradigm. Based on your needs, they will create a site that is not only attractive, but embodies the highest principles of functionality. This in turn will ensure that users can find your site easily, and once there, enjoy a prime viewing experience that will keep then on-page longer, and have them coming back more often


There is no secret formula that will automatically catapults your website to the top of a search engine, and those who attempt to artificially boost search results ultimately loose...

When done right, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, isn't about tricks, it's about organizing pages and content so they can be easily found and understood. Search engines have been described as the librarians of the web. They are actually mathematical formulas known as algorithms that sort and catalogue every page on the Internet, and attempt to match those pages to to a users request for information. It's a big job, made easier when websites are configured properly. And that's where we can help.

At iGreen Marketing, we understand how search engines work, and we use this knowledge to fine-tune your website so that it can be found, recognized and rewarded for good structure and good content. Our effective SEO practices will raise your search rankings, help more people find you and ultimately boost your bottom line.



Search Engine Marketing or SEM goes beyond simply optimizing a website for organic, unpaid search results. A successful SEM program incorporates proactive tools such as pay-for-placement, pay-for-click and ADWords programs that will generate a targeted, steady traffic flow to your site, and create a measurable return on investment for your marketing expenditures.

One of the keys to effective SEM is using appropriate analytics to understanding the nuances of online advertising and paid response products, then tailor and execute a program accordingly. iGreen marketing has extensive experience in these areas, and works with its clients individually to gain the insights needed to custom-fit a campaign that is cost-effective and tailor-made to their individual needs.

Print Marketing

This may be the digital age, but the value of the printed page has not decreased. Print has longevity and authority. It is a powerful reminder of your brand, and a permanent record of your message.

Creating dynamic print products requires a unique skill set—one that many digital-only agencies lack. iGreen marketing taps skilled writers, editors and designers to create informative, entertaining and visually appealing print products including newsletters, brochures and sales pieces. As an added service to our clients, we also have the ability to process and distribute this material by direct mail or other appropriate methods.


Email Marketing

E-mail has surpassed paper mail to become the world's primary tool for both business and personal communication. And just like paper mailings, there are many nuances to creating an effective e-mail outreach campaign that gets opened and noticed. We manage every phase of electronic outreach from list building and management to creating compelling messages that get opened and read rather than consigned to the junk mail folder.


Graphic Design

The iGreen Marketing team has the in-house resources needed to meet all your graphics design needs. From logos to complete marketing and advertising campaigns, we work with you to create a suite of graphics products that best represent your brand. And, because we do not contract our work to a third party, which would create additional delays and markups, we can provide very cost-effective pricing. We are also able to bundle our design services into our marketing packages, saving clients both time and money.

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